• The Managerial Team consists of professionals like Chartered Accountants, qualified Engineers, MBAs, ICWAs, and M.Com.s etc.
  • The middle level Management also have qualified people from various fields with long years of practical work experience in Chlor-Alkali industry and Chemical Units.
  • The Company’s Human Resources consist of 530 employees belonging to Managerial, Supervisory, Skilled and Unskilled cadres.
    We at Punjab Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd. are committed to development of Human Resources through continuous training, skill upgradation and empowerment.
  • The Company cares for its human resources and as a result more than 300 employees have completed 15 years & above service in the Company.
  • The industrial relations at PACL have been peaceful.
  • No man-days lost in the last more than 10 years due to any labour problem or industrial unrest.